House of Praetor

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." - Henry Ford

House of Praetor

Online Portal

Welcome to the HoP online portal, here you can view online information about our corporation. If you are a member of HoP, please login at the top right, otherwise contact a member of our recruitment team in EVE, channel "HoP Recruiting".

Our Home, Our Heart

We are a nullsec corp, if you join us, you'll be expected to join us in our system, except for very brief high sec trips or Jita alt characters. We have a station out here and we defend it well, we have 0 ISK repair fees for all ships and programs that everyone in the corp is entitled to use.

We run many programs in the corp managed by officers and directors, we have many internal courier serivces for goods transportation and alliance offers a courier service too allowing you a lot of choice, manufacturing for ship building, cyno and character management, mining payments and the PI program are all serviecs we run to make the corp profitable, and more importantantly, to make the player profitable!

Login with your recruit account to read more about our corp!

Strong Dedicated Leadership

In the House, we have strong a dedicated leadership; our CEO, Mordox, is always around for guidance and assistance. He has been an EVE player for many years, and along with his many toons can fly almost any ship.

As well as our CEO, we have a fantastic leadership team who are online and available way too often. Each Director and Officer is specialised and well known in the corporation, all members of the leadership team are exceptionally approachable!

Mordox KluTch Yugrenim Drinaj James Duffleman